Pentesting, Offensive Security Research & Development

Conference Talks

The Black Art of Wireless Post-Exploitation: Bypassing Port-Based Access Controls Using Indirect Wireless Pivots

Presented at: DEF CON 25, DEF CON 25 (Wall of Sheep), BSides Las Vegas 2017, 44con 2017, GRRCon 2017, BSides DC 2017,

Slides: The Black Art of Wireless Post-Exploitation - PowerPoint Slides

Introducing EAPHammer

Presented at: BlackHat Arsenal 2017, DEF CON 25 (Demo Labs)

Beyond Wardriving: Tracking Human Beings Using RF Technology

Presented at: BSides SLC 2017

Slaying Rogue Access Points With Python and Cheap Hardware

Presented at: DEF CON 24 (Wireless Village), BSides SLC 2016, BSides Hunstville 2016,