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Webapp Enumeration with Waldo

At Red Team Labs, we find ourselves using DirBuster a lot. It’s a pretty essential tool for quickly enumerating subdomains and web directories. The project is no longer actively maintained however, and since it’s written in Java it doesn’t exactly work well with our existing toolset. To deal with this, we wrote our own multithreaded subdomain and directory bruteforcer in Python. We named it Waldo.

waldo usage

You can check out the project on github by clicking here.


waldo -m s -d -t 2

Waldo reads a list of possible subdomains or directories from a worldist file, and checks the target domain to see if they are valid. It then prints the server response code and associated ip address for each valid result. Waldo also produces a log file for each session containing a grepable version of the data displayed in the terminal.

Waldo comes prebaked with its own default wordlist, but you can also specify your own custom list should you feel so inclined. By default, Waldo runs with 5 worker threads and 1 file I/O thread. This should be fast enough for most use cases, but you can manually set the number of worker threads with the -t flag. We got pretty fast results in the above example with just two worker threads.

The screenshot above shows Waldo running in subdomain mode. As you can see, the tool was able to find some pretty interesting results. Let’s take a look at “”

example 1

Well that’s something you don’t see every day. Maybe a promo code or something? Who knows. Let’s checkout “”

example 2

Nice. Wonder how long that’s been there.

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